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This project is looking at four areas, that is, Tailoring, Soap making, Hairdressing and Gara tied dye amongst others which will be rolled out in phases. Each cause will roll out according to the available resources, we know that it’s necessary and we need to do it now.


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Bo, Sierra Leone

Ngevao Sesay

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These are the problems we want to solve:

To help reduce the rate of unemployment 

The platform for skills learning to be interactive with young people.

Bringing innovative ways into the skills sector.


To build or create a centre that is well equipped with modern types of equipment where young people who have already acquired skills in Tailoring, Soap making, Hair dressings and Gara tied dye will add value to their skills to ensure sustainable growth. This will build the capacity for skilled learners ( job experience) to compete at both national and international levels.


This is very much important to solve because as we can see, the government and NGOs are always encouraging young people to enrol in vocational training institutions to acquire skills, but what is the motivation behind this?

The redundancy of this problem is huge and there is a need to find innovative ways to solve it. We projected this initiative based on a survey that was conducted within the city of Bo. According to the survey, three(3) out of every ten (10) enrolled in skill institutions come out and settle. This thus makes skill institutions less attractive, especially to young people.

We acknowledge the fact that everybody is focused on the process of how to acquire a skill, but where to exhibit these skills has been a problem which has led many young people to see their skills as useless to them. In many countries skills like Tailoring, hairdressing, soap making and Gara tied dey are very much locative and attractive, but in Sierra Leone that is ironic. Therefore it’s very much important to solve this problem by establishing a facility like YOUTHS EXHIBITION SKILLS CENTER to enable the young people to sell out their skills and values.


We are looking forward to potential partners supporting us as it will be difficult for us to do this due to the nature of the project as the training and equipment which will be used are quite expensive.

If at all what we asked for doesn’t work, then we will implement the phases one after another, for example, we will first target the Tailoring aspect and make sure that is well equipped before we begin or move into other areas.


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