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During my study as a community medical officer at Njala university, every Monday and Friday we were asked to go to the hospital for practical’s. Then I noticed that most young girls coming for family planning had little or no knowledge about basic hygiene practices. Also, as a young girl growing up, I learnt that women and girls in rural communities use old rags, animal dumps, leaves or the use of double pants to manage their menstrual flow. With this, we thought of developing a local pad made from cotton, micro-fabric and waterproof layer to replace these items and prevent infections. Our product is a hygienically approved, affordable and reusable made with high-quality materials which responds to customers tastes and preferences for self-comfort and personal hygiene. The product can be used for a period of two years due to the high absorbent material made of it. Thus, the girls will be able to attend school without worrying about menses and through this project there will be a significant reduction of girl-parent dependency for sanitary towels every month.


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Lack of access to safe, affordable, reusable and environment conscious menstrual products for women in rural communities in Sierra Leone. Lack of menstrual education for adolescents and women.


  • To  manufacture reusable eco-friendly sanitary pads that are made from a high absorbent microfiber material.
  • A short description note/illustration book written by us to guide them on its use and SRH 
  • To provide facilitation trainings for Community Based Organization
  • Currently working on a mobile app that will help customers with reading materials on SRH, ask questions and a  provision for feedback if necessary


Menstrual hygiene affects women across the world, but it is widely misunderstood and the topic is often considered a taboo in our communities. It is very important as it reduces mental and emotional stress during menstrual periods at school. The girls have difficulties concentrating on learning as they concentrate on their condition, the difficulties in maintaining standard of hygiene, due to inadequate facilities available in some schools such as toilet, water, privacy room, disposable pit. These pads along with the education will help them to be comfortable and safe


We have begun selling our products and we wish to keep increasing its influence/supply across chiefdoms.

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