How it Works

Campaigner Eligibility

The Salone Crowdfunding Platform is committed to supporting a diverse range of campaigners who are passionate about making a positive impact in Sierra Leone. To ensure that our platform remains inclusive and effective, we have established the following eligibility criteria for campaigners:

  • Age Requirement:

    Applicants must be at least 18 years old. This ensures that all our campaigners are legally able to enter into agreements and manage funds responsibly.

  • Inclusivity:

    Our platform is open to individuals of all gender identities, embracing diversity and promoting equal opportunities for everyone.

  • Project Types:

    We welcome a variety of projects including innovative concepts or ideas, startups that have developed a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and grassroots organizations. This diversity ensures a rich mix of creativity and practical solutions.

  • Social Impact:

    Projects should aim to create a tangible social impact. We prioritize initiatives that contribute positively to the community and have the potential to bring about meaningful change.

  • Local Focus:

    The business or idea must be based in Sierra Leone. This focus ensures that the benefits of crowdfunding are directed towards local development and empowerment.

  • Financial Requirements for Large Campaigns:

    Campaigns seeking funds over 7 Million Leones must have a bank account. This requirement is to ensure proper financial handling and accountability for larger-scale projects.

Meet the Eligibility

Ensure you meet all the eligibility requirements: being at least 18 years old, open to all gender identities, having a concept or idea with a social impact, and your project or business being based in Sierra Leone. If your campaign is over 7 Million Leones, you must have a bank account.

Create an Account

To create an account with Salone Crowdfunder, simply sign up and provide your basic personal or organizational information. After accepting the terms and conditions, your account will be set up, allowing you to begin your crowdfunding journey.

Submit Your Idea

Fill out the campaign application form detailing your project or idea. Clearly describe your vision, goals, and the social impact of your project. Be transparent and compelling to attract potential donors.

Develop Your Plan

Outline a clear plan for your campaign, including setting a realistic funding target, timeframe, and a strategy for promoting your campaign. This step is crucial for a successful crowdfunding experience.

Launch Campaign

 Once your campaign is approved by the Salone Crowdfunder team, launch it on the platform. Use the tools provided to share your campaign with your network, social media, and beyond to reach potential donors.

Create Engagement

Actively communicate with your donors and potential backers. Update them regularly about the progress of your project, answer questions, and show appreciation for their support. Engagement is key to maintaining interest and momentum.