How it Works


A campaigner can register on Salone Crowdfunder by submitting their name, email, phone number and create a password.

Apply & Get Approved

A campaigner can apply to create a campaign on Salone Crowdfunder by submitting few personal and business details.

Begin a Campaign

A campaign manager will assist the applicant with creating the campaign

Launch the Campaign

The applicant accepts the terms, condition and policy of Salone Crowdfunder and the Campaign manager authorized the campaign to be launched on the platform.

Promote the Campaign

This is the most exciting part. The campaigner should respond to feedbacks directed to the campaign by donors, share the campaign links on social media and spread words with family and friends to share the campaign details and donate to the campaign.

Receive Donations & Close the Campaign

All campaigns closed 3 months after the launch. Donations raised will be disbursed to the campaigner through his/her bank account within a month at the end of the campaign period (except where a donor requests for follow-up reports).