About Salone Crowdfunder​

What we are

Salone Crowdfunder is an innovative online crowdfunding platform specifically designed for Sierra Leonean innovators and entrepreneurs. Our platform provides a dynamic space for individuals to raise funds, enabling them to kick-start, manage, and grow their business ventures. Our overarching goal is to enhance financial accessibility for startups in Sierra Leone, facilitating their growth through the power of crowdfunding.

Our Mission

Our mission is to revolutionize the way startups in Sierra Leone access finance. By leveraging the community's collective strength through crowdfunding, we aim to support the growth and innovation of local entrepreneurs and innovators.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a platform where every Sierra Leonean with a viable business idea or social venture has the opportunity to raise essential seed capital. We strive to be the stepping stone for these individuals to realize their dreams and achieve their objectives.

Understanding Salone Crowdfunder

Our Model

At Salone Crowdfunder, we operate with a ‘Flexible Funding’ donation-based model. This allows campaigners to keep all the funds they raise, even if they don’t hit their target goal. This model is especially supportive for Sierra Leonean entrepreneurs, offering flexibility and a supportive fundraising environment.

Understanding Our Model

Donation-based crowdfunding is a straightforward and community-focused funding model. Donors contribute funds without the expectation of financial returns or rewards, emphasizing the spirit of community support and philanthropy.

Campaigner Eligibility

The Salone Crowdfunding Platform is committed to supporting a diverse range of campaigners who are passionate about making a positive impact in Sierra Leone. To ensure that our platform remains inclusive and effective, we have established the following eligibility criteria for campaigners:

  • Age Requirement:

    Applicants must be at least 18 years old. This ensures that all our campaigners are legally able to enter into agreements and manage funds responsibly.

  • Inclusivity:

    Our platform is open to individuals of all gender identities, embracing diversity and promoting equal opportunities for everyone.

  • Project Types:

    We welcome a variety of projects including innovative concepts or ideas, startups that have developed a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and grassroots organizations. This diversity ensures a rich mix of creativity and practical solutions.

  • Social Impact:

    Projects should aim to create a tangible social impact. We prioritize initiatives that contribute positively to the community and have the potential to bring about meaningful change.

  • Local Focus:

    The business or idea must be based in Sierra Leone. This focus ensures that the benefits of crowdfunding are directed towards local development and empowerment.

  • Financial Requirements for Large Campaigns:

    Campaigns seeking funds over 7 Million Leones must have a bank account. This requirement is to ensure proper financial handling and accountability for larger-scale projects.

Join the Salone
Crowdfunding Community

Become a Campaigner:

If you have an idea or a project with a social impact, don’t let a lack of funds hold you back. Apply as a campaigner, share your vision, and start your journey towards making it a reality.

Be a Donor:

Your contribution can be the catalyst for change. Browse through inspiring campaigns and donate to causes you believe in. Your support can turn ideas into impactful realities.

Partner with Us:

Collaborate as a business or organization to help amplify the impact. Your partnership can provide valuable resources, mentorship, or financial support to our campaigners.